We live in the age of Internet. It is the best boon of our modern life. It’s unnecessary to say about the benefits of Internet to the people of this world. Everybody of the world is connected by Internet directly or indirectly. E-Learning is one of the most interesting subjects of the current world. And it is say that is will make a big revolution after some years in the education sector.

What is E-Learning?

In a simple sense E- Learning is such a kind of learning system that is held by internet by a medium. Such as any electronic devices- computer, laptop, smart phone etc.

In a brought sense it is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating using and managing appropriate technological process and resources.

At the traditional education system we know we need to search a lot of books, carry a lot of books, need a lot of physical space for keeping them etc…..etc….. But in an e-learning system we just need a PC or an electronic device. Then we chose a course and admit on it. Sometimes it’s totally free or sometimes we need to pay for it. But the cost of the e-learning is very little and we don’t need to leave our home. We can do it from our room.  There’s a lot of benefits of e-learning. Let’s we know about some of them J

The benefits of e-learning system:

  1.      Universal  learning system:

E-Learning is a universal learning system. Any student of the world can learn by this system. It overcomes the global barriers.   Learners can receive the same content regardless of their location and in many cases their nationality.

  1. Cheaper than traditional learning system:

A learner can get the chance to do a course at different sectors and can get the certificate from various famous university of the world without any cost or at a cheap cost.

  1. Saves the time:

It saves the time of a learner because a learner doesn’t need to go outside for this.

  1. Flexible:

Sometimes students can make their cls schedules according to their time. They can do the cls at any time.

  1. Expanded the educational opportunities:

Just think, you are a student of History but you have interest about computer programming. It’s totally impossible to program by studying your subject. But you can do it. You can do it by doing a course. Not only the computer programming but also you can know many other things from online courses.

E-Learning in Bangladesh:

So maybe you can understand that why e-learning is important than traditional learning system. In a developing country like Bangladesh E-learning can be helpful for students. Student s can learn about many things by this. As Bangladesh is a low cost country it’s quite impossible to do a course for a not so affluent student or who lives in a remote area. It helps to create many IT learners too. E-Learning is based on ICT so when a student uses this system he must be known about ICT. So e-learning helps to gain technological knowledge and other skills. On the other hand by this system of learning one can make his PhD too from the other countries.  There’s a lot of examples around us.

I give some address for the on-line courses. So if you want to make a course you can try these.

  1. coursera.org
  2. edx.org
  3. academicearth.org
  4. open.edu
  5. futurelearn.com

There are a lot of free online course sites. Just search and admit and be an expertise on your favorite subjects. ;)


Shuvra Kar
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