Now we live in an age of connection where we are connected now not only with the known persons but also with all other persons of the world. People are using the Social Medias, E-mail, Web sites etc for their necessities. There’s no doubt that we get a lot of opportunities by this connectivity but it is also the cruel true that we also fall in danger for those too. Many crimes are occurred now by the cybernetic systems. It is become the new weapon of the criminals. There’s no need any blood, any arms for doing these brutal job. A criminal can do it from his home using the sources of internet via his PC or Smartphones. So this crime is known as the cyber crime and became more dangerous crimes of any others.


In one word we can say that the cyber crime is any illegal action taken by any computer or any other electronic devices by the networking.


There’s a lot of types of cyber crime. Some are them –

  • Hacking,
  • Theft,
  • Cyber Stalking,
  •  Identity Theft,
  • Malicious software,
  • Child soliciting and
  • Abuse etc.

We don’t know how much danger we live in now. We should take each steps very carefully. But can we do this? My answer is – NO. Let’s we know about some world famous cases about cyber crime and try to understand how much danger it is-


1.     Orkut fake account :

Orkut is a very popular social networking media where people can share their own hobby and choices to others. The account of Orkut member’s are publicly visible to all. Anyone of the world if they wish they can search by the name and see the profile and all the information of a user.

In this media a fake account was created of an woman. In that account the hacker describe that the woman like to meet with the strangers and love to pass her time with them. The profile was created by her real name, address, phone number and her photograph also. After creating this, a lot person started disturbing her by calling over phone and some strangers directly go to her home without any permission. The victim faces a lot of harassment and her social fame was also decreased.


2.     Sandra’s story:

Sandra E . is a Human Recourses professional who lived in the small town Miami, Florida. She used a computer at her workplace more than 10 years and the whole system of her computer was maintained by her organization. She never shops via online and she is very conscious about her privacy also so she uses her personal computer only for her personal jobs, she never saved her password in any computer. In a word she is so much concern about her security. But unfortunately she would be a victim of cyber crime. But How? Now listen – Once she heard about a new browser named VULNARIBILITY . She was using a popular search engine where they provided not only the information about VULNARIBILITY but the options to have a patch for the browser download automatically. When she read the information about that browser the criminal who created that browser can get automatically all the information about her computer. After sometimes the cybercriminal get all the personal information about her and made her a victim of cyber crime.


3.     Steve’s story:

Steve F. lives in Kansas, Missouri. He was a retired government employer. He always prefer to use the famous anti-virus and a strong fire-wall and  never click any attachment of his email from unknown sources.  Though he is more concern about the materials but once he got a link in his email from his bank account asking him log in to it and do some important work. He click on the link and looked that the web site is totally same as like as his bank. He had no doubt that the link is real. He log in to it and started the whole access. But he doesn’t imagine that it was a fake phishing site. After some days he could realize that someone hacked his bank account and he doesn’t access this. He called the bank office and then he noticed that there’s no link was send to his mail. So what can you will do now? …


We can find a lot of examples of  cyber crime if we just look our surroundings. But most of us don’t know what can we do for preventing the cyber crimes, the law of it and how we recover the problem if we will be the victims. Now the points are described below-


The law for cyber crimes:


In Bangladesh:

According to the “Cyber-Crime act 2006 Bangladesh”

“If any person—

       (a) with the intent to cause or knowing that he is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person, does any act and thereby destroys, deletes or alters any information residing in a computer resource or diminishes its value or utility or affects it injuriously by any means;

       (b) damage through illegal access to any such computer, computer network or any electronic system which do not belong to him; then such activity shall be treated as hacking offence;

    (c) whoever commits hacking offence under sub-section (1) of this section, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years, or with fine which may extend to taka one core , or with both.”

We can see that law has taken the matter of cyber-crimes in consideration and there are some strict rules regarding it.


How we will prevent the Cyber Crime?


Most of the time the Cyber Crime will be held for the unawareness of the users. If the users will be conscious about their security and always be aware of some simple matters most of the crimes can be stopped. So what can we do?


I’ve shared some points with you  J J :


1.      Try to avoid do any personal work by others computers.


2.      Always use a strong password for any account. Use the combination of characters, numbers, signs for password. Don’t use the same password for all accounts. Change your password after three months. Avoid to use the name, roll, birth-date and any personal information for making the password. And finally don’t give your password to anyone never ever.



3.      Protect your computer with security software. Use a strong anti-virus and a fire-wall for your computer. And always update them.


4.      Store your personal pictures and documents on Google Drive, One drive or any cloud storage.


5.      Don’t response to any email massages which wants your personal information.


6.      In Facebook sometimes we see some video links from any organization or any groups. Never click on that links if u don’t know that well.


7.      Most of the people use some Facebook apps. These apps provided many interesting things or information like - which actor is like u, who is ur nxt lover etc….etc…. But we don’t aware that when we use the apps they asked us to access our pics, mail address, posts etc. We just ignore this and give them permission to access our whole information. But we don’t know that anytime our account can be hacked by this apps’ authority. So it is better not to use the apps if it will be necessary please remove the accessibility at first.


8.      Attach your phone number to the Facebook account or mail account. By this if anyone can know ur password they can’t log in from other devices. When they try to log in a code will be send to your phone. Without giving this code none can log in to your account.


9.      Always try to ignore the spam massages of your mail.


10. Be aware when you will use any free public Wi Fi Hotspots. Because while these access points are convenient they are far from secure. Avoid conducting the financial or corporate transactions on this network.



Now it is the matter if anyone become a victim of Cyber Crime what will they do?


If anyone will be the victim of cyber crime she/he must be concerned it to the legal authority as fast as possible. The legal authority should take it under their control. If anyone harass by any Facebook account or the victims account will be hacked the others people or the friend of the victim will report that account.


Any victim of Bangladesh can get the help by mailing this address – and or Log In to it and make the report of syour problem. If anyone wants to make a phone call just dialed this-  +8801766678888


N:B: If any varsity student will be the victim she/he will noticed it at first to their proctor as early as possible.


Shuvra Kar
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